Tips on Planning for a Tennis Weight Training Regimen


What’s the correct amount of power training that a tennis player has? What type of exercises do they have to do? I am going to try to answer a little question on a certain tennis weight training curriculum. Specific tennis weight training course must be totally integrated into a tennis player plan specifically for advanced players. Tennis is a rigorous activity, including the repetition of intense and explosive movements. This is the type of activity which could result in overuse injuries or even to strained muscles.

The very first goal of a tennis industry training program is helping the players to avoid injuries. A tennis player needs to focus on his lower body but also on his top body. Yet another really important art to train will be the primary strength which entails, again and abdominal muscles.

At the start of any weight training program, players ought to workout two to three times each week. They have to wok on their overall body and use a lot and lightweights of reps. I typically work with circuit training with around twelve routines that focus on shoulders, quadriceps, forearms, triceps, biceps, back, chest, adductors/abductors, and hamstrings.

Pick one or two workouts for every muscle and do fifteen or twenty reps for all of them. After you’re completed with the whole circuit, do a second range of anything. Complete the training with lots of abs plus low backs exercises. After a couple of weeks of this particular type of instruction, the player will have an excellent strength foundation.

It’s time nowadays to work more on his strength and hypertrophy. Use now greater weights with a minimum of three sets and eight to twelve reps per set. Advanced level players should exercise at least three times a week. You are able to design your weight training course in ways that are different. A good and easy way will be doing a single session upper body and the next time only lower body.

After the player’s power level is getting more, more, and better pounds may be included. Use a lot more sets once more and fewer repetitions to be able to work much more on the optimum sturdiness of the players. Strong players are going to be more explosive and impressive on the court.

After the player has an excellent power level, it’s time being quite particular to tennis, meaning utilizing intense workouts. You are able to work with Olympic weight lifting techniques as snatches and cleans, or maybe you are able to execute simple workouts within an explosive pattern. At this level, I’ll advise players to perform explosive workouts two times every week. An additional 2 to 3 times must be invested in the gym doing work on their normal endurance strength to be able to keep an excellent full-body strength. This could be performed with light weights and less sleep.

A tennis industry training program is complicated since you have to continue changing over the intensity to be able to be as effective as is possible. Don’t use heavy lifting more money than five weeks or even your player burn out. It’s always good after four to five weeks of training to alter the routine. You need to put or even reduce the weights and intensity based on the upgrades & what the player was practicing in his cycle.

Don’t forget to focus on every muscle much as soon as the player has an excellent strength level. Just doing work on the bench press and also squat won’t be sufficient and can result in accidents. This is the reason a very good weight training plan is key to be a great tennis player.

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