The Connection Between Astrology And The Medical Field


What’s the goal of astrology and how could it help you? The answer is really easy. Astrology is able to find factors behind an individual’s overall health problems by identifying the methods or maybe therapy treatments that can treat their problems permanently. Medical astrology has been very used in the present-day world. This article is going to bring to your knowledge of various uses of astrology.

Horoscope And Health

Health problems could be recognized with the help of healthcare astrology. Good balance between spirit, the overall health of the body, and also mind is extremely important for a great living. Your horoscope is only a blueprint individual’s general body, reflecting the interaction of an individual’s body, mind, and spirit.

Medicine And Astrology

Its History Since ages astrology has been employed for the goal of supplying medical support. It was originally used by individuals that formed the foundation and driven modern-day medicine. Father of modern medicine is Hippocrates (460 377 BC), who’s recognized for his contribution plus work towards today’s medicine.

Similarly, the principles of herbal medicine had been laid by Nicholas Culpepper. Both these renowned founders thought about astrology vitally important within the area of healthcare.

Medical Astrology should thoroughly be used Astrology solely can’t be used to identify a solution to health complications. Creating a medical license is also essential. Medical astrologers can’t give the proper suggestions in case they don’t have a medical license. Healthcare astrology without a medical license is able to misguide you & cause even more health complications.

Contribution Of Medical Astrology To A Good Treatment

Neptune is planet earth which is generally looked by the majority of the astrologers to determine the issue. It suggests the heightened sensitivity mentally or psychologically, physically and emotionally. Placement of Neptune planet is able to help identify the organ that is oversensitive to external influence. For example, if the Neptune is placed over the eastern horizon at the time of birth, it proposes a delicately calibrated entire body with an extremely sensitive connection between body and head.

Such an individual is extremely influenced by viruses and infection resulting in different and allergies. As a result, medical astrologers recommend remedies with respect to the positioning of the Neptune earth.

Healing Duration

As stated previously, medical astrology uses world placements to suggest solutions. The positioning of Pluto as well as Mars indicates the length of the individual’s recovery. As for may 30 zodiac, simply follow the link for a splendid read! You surely won’t regret it and it will most certainly blow your mind.

Recovery Treatments

Medical astrologers also play a crucial role in identifying probably the handiest healing treatment. According to the different astrologers, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn respond effectively to strong Cancer and nutritional therapies, Scorpio and Pisces will respond effectively to psychic healing remedy psychotherapy therapy and psychic healing or art therapy treatment.


Historically, in case we look at using healthcare astrology, it’s successfully and widely being used all around the world. Medical astrology not simply helps determine physical health issues but additionally helps identify mental problems. Medical astrologers with a medical degree are able to direct you appropriately and suggest an appropriate alternative for your health issue.

Nevertheless, before consulting an astrologer, make sure he has a medical degree normally incorrect advice is able to result in problems.