How to Buy Blinds and Shades


When shopping for window coverings, it can be tricky to choose between blinds and shades that fit the design of your room. Here are some tips on buying window treatments. Before you purchase your blinds or shades, be sure to measure your windows. Inside-mount styles stop just inside the window frame, while outside-mounted styles also cover the frame. If you’re unsure of your measurements, ask a customer service representative to confirm them.

Venetian Blinds

A timeless window covering, Venetian blinds and shades have slats that tilt to control light and privacy. Made in various materials, Venetian blinds and shades have many benefits. They’re easy to maintain and clean and are available in many different colors and styles. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, country, or modern look, these blinds and shades can help complete any room.

Cordless Venetian blinds and shades have become very popular among parents with young children. They reduce the risk of injury from small children who might entangle themselves in the cords. Between 1990 and 2015, 271 children were killed by entanglement with blind cords. The most common type of blind injury was being cut by metal slats. Choosing blinds and shades that are cordless can help protect children and pets from injury.

Venetian blinds and shades are a popular option for homeowners who want to make their home or apartment look beautiful. Not only are they practical and easy to clean, but they can also add curb appeal to your home. Although they’re practical, Venetian blinds and shades come in a wide variety of prices. Prices vary greatly depending on the material used and the finish. Certain materials are more expensive than others, but this can make the decision easier.

Vertical Luminette(r) Privacy Sheers

The vertical Luminette(r) Privacy Sheers from Hunter Douglas diffuse natural light while providing 180 degrees of light control. Each panel can be opened or closed depending on the level of privacy desired. These panels are crafted with a unique SofTrak(tm) system that provides smooth scissor track operation. Customers can also opt for motorized operations to automate their sheers. A convenient power outlet is required for operation.

A range of top quality awnings and custom blinds provides the ultimate in light control and privacy, as they feature a layered fabric along the top for a more opulent look. Available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, these sheers allow light to filter out without sacrificing privacy. The privacy-enhancing properties of Luminette(r) Sheers also make them perfect for sliding doors and windows with large panes.

Roller Shades

When shopping for window treatments, you may find it hard to decide which type of fabric combination is best. Some people want a simple look while others want the style and privacy of roller shades. Roller shades can provide both. To help you decide, read on to learn about their benefits and features. Decorative fabrics are an excellent choice, as they can be sheer or printed. They also can be customized. To get a custom-made look, consider adding valances or cornices to your window treatment.

Another important feature to look for when purchasing roller shades is the type of lift mechanism. A cordless lift will make operating your shades easier and more convenient. It will also prevent tangles and cords, which can be dangerous for small children or pets. Learn more about the various types of lift mechanisms and how to choose them to match your decor. Then, take your time to test them out to determine which one is best for your home.

Consider the safety and privacy of your family when purchasing window coverings. The cords of roller shades are often dangerous for pets or children. A study by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that eight children under the age of 12 die from strangulation by window covering cords. To ensure the safety of your family and visitors, we’ve outlined some of the best roller shades for families. We also considered their eco-friendliness and innovation, and recommend those based on these factors.

Silhouette Shades

If you are planning to update your window treatments, you should consider purchasing new Silhouette window shades. These are available in two different vane sizes: 3 inches and 4″ respectively. The benefits of using these shades include superior light control and protection against harmful UV rays. You can also purchase them at a low price without sacrificing luxury and quality. Here are a few things you need to consider before buying these shades. They are available in various colors, fabrics, and textures.

First, choose the window type. The Silhouette window shade offers both privacy and light control. The fabric is made from two different types of sheer materials that blend to create a seamless effect. It transforms the harsh sunlight into a soft light that makes you feel comfortable. Also, this window treatment can save on energy costs by blocking UV rays from damaging your furnishings and flooring. The window shades can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

If you are concerned about privacy, you should opt for Silhouette shades. They are available in many beautiful fabrics. The Silhouette ClearView(r) shades feature a special sheer material that allows superior view-through. In addition, they come in various vane sizes, which help you customize the amount of light that you want to filter. The soft fabric vanes are suspended between two sheers, and are tilted to achieve the desired amount of privacy or light control.

Wood Blinds

While the durability of wooden window coverings is an important consideration, the appearance of the window treatment can also make a difference. Most natural wood blinds and shades are made from North American hardwoods. These types of window treatments provide excellent insulation and privacy as well as protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Wood blinds and shades can be customized to fit oversized or unusually-shaped windows. To prevent fading, you can stain or paint them to match the rest of your room’s décor.

Among the target markets for wood blinds and shades are interior decorators and building managers. These individuals can be reached through advertising or professional trade shows. Various e-commerce sites also cater to this market. Bali targets the do-it-yourself market with its tagline, “Your home, your style.” By offering personalized and custom-designed window treatments, these professionals can influence large purchases and command a high price.

The slats of wood blinds and shades are highly effective in insulating rooms. Since the windows are the main source of heat loss and gain in heat during the cold winter months and hot air during the summer months, thick wood blinds can make the room more energy-efficient and reduce utility bills. Some wood blinds and shades also come with fire-resistant coatings. In addition, the traditional accordion-style roman blind folds in the down position.


Window treatments can add sophistication to a room, and can also be functional and stylish. However, the right type of window treatment for your home depends on several factors, including your style and lifestyle, and your needs for light control and privacy. Below are some tips to help you choose the best window treatments for your home. Read on for the best places to buy blinds and shades for your home. We’ve tested some of the best places to buy blinds and shades.

Before making a purchase, you should measure your windows. The inside-mount style of blinds ends at the window frame, while the outside-mounted style starts at the window frame. When measuring your windows, it is best to use a steel measuring tape, as it is more accurate. Measure the width first and the height last, so you have a general idea of which size will work. Once you’ve determined the dimensions, measure the height of your windows.

Before you start looking for blinds and shades, determine what you want. What’s the purpose of the room? Bedroom blinds should block light from the sun. Blackout solutions, for example, will provide the perfect sleeping ambiance. Similarly, cellular honeycomb shades are great for energy savings, while roman shades add fashion to a room. Decide on what type of window treatment will work best for your room and your budget.

Custom Treatments

If you’re looking to purchase blinds and shades for your home, you may be wondering how to go about doing so. The first step is to measure your windows. Inside-mounted blinds stop at the frame while outside-mounted shades go to the window frame. You can then check with customer service to ensure that the measurements you provided are correct. You may also want to consider using a seal holder, as these are usually a bit more difficult to purchase.

Another way to save money on window treatments is to buy budget-friendly blinds. The price of custom-made blinds and shades depends on the size and features you want. You can choose blinds that fit your budget, or those that are more luxurious, like wood blinds. Regardless of the price, you can still get an elegant-looking window treatment without breaking the bank. Here’s how to find affordable custom blinds and shades.

The Home Depot carries a wide selection of blinds. You can order them online or in-store. The Home Depot’s website has a large selection, and you can choose to mount them inside or outside of the window. Blinds are more popular than shades, but each style has its benefits. Blinds, for example, give you more control over the amount of light they let in, while shades, on the other hand, don’t have adjustable slats. Blinds are usually made of material that is rolled up, giving them a smoother appearance.