7 Best Foods for Weight Loss for Women!

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If you want to lose weight, you need to take care of what you eat. No Surprise there, but what is good for you and what is not good for you, can be confusing. Some say you should eat certain things, while other experts tell you to avoid them. Carbohydrates are a good example.

Should you consume carbohydrates? Can you help slimming women? Absolutely. In fact, your body needs carbohydrates all day long.

Why do we need carbohydrates?

Energy is vital. Your body needs it to move, generate and maintain body heat and to develop. Also, your brain and your nervous system need a constant supply of glucose. And carbohydrates are one of the best energy sources. However, you need to consider the balance – not getting enough carbohydrates can be as bad as the consumption of (if not worse than).

To be as slim as possible, you need the right amount of carbohydrates from the right sources at the right time. The American Dietetic Association recommends at least 130 grams of carbohydrates daily. How many carbs you need depends on your size, Activity level, and intake of micro-nutrients. For example, if you are small and extremely active, you need more than 130 grams.

Leanness is sustainable. If you win some extra pounds, you can get back in shape in a very short time with only a few interventions. However, you must be careful. Not enough carbohydrates in your diet, and your body begins to transform muscle mass into energy, so you can’t get a Six-Pack and tighten up.

While your body needs carbohydrates as a source of energy, it does not consist of them. Therefore, all carbohydrates that your body does not use for energy recovery, and the repair of muscle tissue is directly converted into fat. If you want to ensure that your body uses carbohydrates instead of storing them, do not eat these foods until after your workout when your body needs them most.

For maximum weight loss in women, carbohydrates should be included in the second meal of the day. In this way, you can save your first meal of the day for proteins and fats that help your body to regulate hormones.

The Best Sources of Carbohydrates

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a good source of easily digestible carbohydrates, but that’s not all. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber that helps you stay regular and rinse out toxins from your body. It also contains CoQ10 and Gammaoryzanol, a muscle-building antioxidant that turns fat into lean body mass.


Quinoa is a seedy Relative of the popular leafy green Veggie spinach. It is an immediate source of energy and a complete Protein. It is also a healthy source of fiber, calcium, and the amino acid Lycin, which promotes the growth and repair of tissues. The high amounts of Magnesium, folate and phosphorus contribute to the prevention and relief of migraines, improve heart health and keep your cardiovascular System in top shape. Studies have shown that it can also help to ward off certain types of cancer, gallstones and Asthma in children.

Steel cut oats

As-cut oats on the glycemic Index lower than normal oats, it is for weight loss in women ideal, because it does not cause blood sugar spikes. They are also rich in protein and fiber.

Sweet potato

Carbohydrates, Beta-carotene and dietary fiber in sweet potatoes make them an anti-inflammatory food that accelerates healing and reduces pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.


Potatoes contain easily decomposable carbohydrates but also high amounts of B6. This Vitamin is an essential ingredient in the formation of new cells as well as in amino acid synthesis.


The complex carbohydrates contained in lentils increase your energy by replenishing your iron, but they also burn slowly, thus maintaining the energy. And because they are so rich in dietary fiber, they limit blood sugar levels, which often occurs after a meal.


Just like lentils, beans are rich in fiber, to prevent a sharp rise in blood sugar levels and control cholesterol levels. They also fill up their iron and supply them with Protein, which gives them an excellent energy boost. Molybdenum in kidney beans helps your body deal with sulfites, a preservative that is often added to prepared foods.

Carbohydrates have really got a bad reputation when it comes to diets and weight loss for women, but they should not wipe them out of their diet. Instead, eat the right carbonated food at the right time, and eventually lose the hard-to-lose pounds you’ve stared at.